Friday, May 1, 2015

UFO Puchong 2010

Another case of strange lights this time seen from a Puchong apartment ...

Location : Puchong , Malaysia
GPS Coordintes : N3 01.146 E101 37.703

As I look up in the sky I saw a bright light shinning from far. At first I thought it was a aeroplane but the light seem stagnant and my mind thinking to get a clearer shoot using my video camera with a powerful zoom. I on my video cam and start zooming at the object. At first I thought it maybe light from a building or from a fun fair but after zooming, I noticed the light just appear from no where and nothing attached to it. The light disappear after a while and I video record the whole sightings and let you judge for yourself what it was and drop your comment on my blog.

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