Monday, May 11, 2015



Hi, an anonymous reader to my blog sent me this interesting UFO story from Ipoh (DEAR SIR/MS.. thank you for sharing...MUCH APPRECIATED) ...

There has been a gargantuan triangular spaceship hovering every night in Ipoh between 7-8 PM since 7th May 2015. there are lights aligned with each other and two on the other side forming a triangle. There was a faint light in the middle that travelled back and forth once. There could be many of them. Some saw orange reddish lights. Last night. people saw a dome shaped dark object that travelled and a huge ship-like object appeared after that and disappeared.

This consistent phenomena, which have never happened in this area before makes me wonder if they are preparing for the predicted and alleged vatican's disclosure on September 23 and CERN's opening of a portal which has been taking place since March. This is tantamount to simulating a Bing Bang. The latter news is real and can be verified by the press conference the facility held.Opening portals as such can cause anomalies on earth. A lot of the disasters we have seen lately are abnormal. Stephen Hawkings stated that what they've been doing could destroy the universe.

For those not from Malaysia the above is a scenic view of Ipoh ...lots of hills, jungles and greenery ...a perfect place for UFO ??? Towards another good Malaysia UFO story.


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