Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why Are There So Few UFO Sightings In Malaysia ?

If you are actively searching for UFO news on-line, you would have picked up early on that there are many sightings in places like USA, Mexico, South America, Europe.

But not Malaysia. Why?

Some funny remarks I have read from people are that UFOs are just not interested in Malaysia or that we do not attract UFOs. I find that amusing but on a more serious note, let's understand why UFOs are not seen often enough in Malaysian skies.

UFOs are called unidentified flying objects and not necessarily as being "alien" in nature. In places like USA, the army, air force and navy conduct many secret "black projects" and research by testing these planes.

I believe a majority of these sightings in USA and Mexico are flights done by these "secret" planes. In Malaysia, our army, air force, navy, errrr not have the ability for such "black" operations. That means if you see a UFO in Malaysia, there is no confusion because it is sure a "genuine" UFO, not a test or experimental plane.

Of course, some people may say they could be flares, weird-looking clouds, weather balloons or even LED kites, but if you learn how to look at them properly, they can be identified as man-made objects.

Another reason is there isn't a large and active UFO sightings club or association unlike in USA or Mexico. And these people there take things damn seriously - they use army grade night vision binoculars, infra red cameras and binoculars, expensive video recorders to actively searching and recording UFOs. I doubt many in Malaysia will do that. It goes to show that we do not take things seriously and if you do not take things seriously, you will not have many good results to show.

That why I am saying I'm sure they are flying around often in our skies but we just failed to spot them. I'm quite sure if we were to make the effort, one day you will get to see a UFO flying above your head!


  1. My opinion..most sighting capture north/south hemisphera but not in khatulistiwa..thick cloud..too humid..less mountain and area small (except sighting in hawaii) compare huge land area in north&south america, africa, europe, russia..less sighting also in japan, philipine korea..but more in china..

  2. I live at Tmn Desa, KL (off old klang rd) in one of the high rise units.

    On 5.12.2013 due to rain the previous few days, cloud cover was

    At about 8.00 pm, above the road that leads to Tmn Desa Water Park,
    I saw two (2) brightly lit discs, moving about above the cloud cover.

    They were there till about 11.30 pm. I'm not sure what they were but
    I believe it was probably UFO's.

    I'm not sure if any one, other than me, saw these lighted discs
    on the 5.12.2013.


  3. saya dah 5 kali tgok UFO... 1st time masa sy umur 6tahun kira2 dlm tahun 1993/94.. sy masih Ingat dgn jelas kejadian pada malam itu.. pada malam tu saya dan family bermalam diladang kami yg berhampiran dgn hutan tebal.. semasa sy dan kakak sy memerhatikan langit dari beranda rumah.. kami dapati terdapat sebijik bintang yg lain dari bintang biasa... dari cahaya kecil ia membesar dan kelihatan terbakar... oleh kerana jarak object itu dari kami agak jauh dan hari yg malam kami tidak melihat object itu melainkan cahaya api dari object itu sahaja.. kami melihat object itu jatuh/turun agak lama lebih kurang 30minit-1jam... sebelum object itu mencecah hutan... dan apabila object itu mencecah kawasan hutan.. ia menjadi seperti cahaya letupan, hutan menjadi sggt terang seperti terbakar tp yg peliknya ia langsung tidak mengeluarkan sebarang bunyi letupan dan dgn masa yg sggt singkat semuanya lenyap ditelah lenyap ditelan suasana gelap.

  4. When I was ten years old and living in Penang, I believe I saw a UFO while walking home from my aunt's house one night. It was around 9.30pm and there were about three dim street lights along the two sides of the short street. My aunt's house was three doors away and we face a secondary jungle opposite our houses. As I was walking, a ball of green light with a blazing tail suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It started to curve upwards towards the tallest trees in the jungle and then downwards with a bright blaze. Then everything was over in two seconds, not a sound or a whoosh or anything audible at all. The size was slightly bigger than a large watermelon. I was all alone and no one drove or passed by at that moment, and it totally freaked me out till today. I never walked alone at night while growing up again.

  5. I just saw an UFO at today evening at bangi,I took a video and uploaded on you tube.

  6. I just saw an UFO at today evening at bangi,I took a video and uploaded on you tube.