Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why Are There So Few UFO Sightings In Malaysia ?

If you are actively searching for UFO news on-line, you would have picked up early on that there are many sightings in places like USA, Mexico, South America, Europe.

But not Malaysia. Why?

Some funny remarks I have read from people are that UFOs are just not interested in Malaysia or that we do not attract UFOs. I find that amusing but on a more serious note, let's understand why UFOs are not seen often enough in Malaysian skies.

UFOs are called unidentified flying objects and not necessarily as being "alien" in nature. In places like USA, the army, air force and navy conduct many secret "black projects" and research by testing these planes.

I believe a majority of these sightings in USA and Mexico are flights done by these "secret" planes. In Malaysia, our army, air force, navy, errrr not have the ability for such "black" operations. That means if you see a UFO in Malaysia, there is no confusion because it is sure a "genuine" UFO, not a test or experimental plane.

Of course, some people may say they could be flares, weird-looking clouds, weather balloons or even LED kites, but if you learn how to look at them properly, they can be identified as man-made objects.

Another reason is there isn't a large and active UFO sightings club or association unlike in USA or Mexico. And these people there take things damn seriously - they use army grade night vision binoculars, infra red cameras and binoculars, expensive video recorders to actively searching and recording UFOs. I doubt many in Malaysia will do that. It goes to show that we do not take things seriously and if you do not take things seriously, you will not have many good results to show.

That why I am saying I'm sure they are flying around often in our skies but we just failed to spot them. I'm quite sure if we were to make the effort, one day you will get to see a UFO flying above your head!