Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Short Biography on Mr Ahmad Jamaludin, Ufo Expert Researcher In Malaysia

Ever since I was a boy, I was fascinated with stories and theories on UFOs and alien beings visiting our planet. The interest within me grew more with the dawn of the internet. Suddenly the news, articles, books, videos and films on the subject were readily available with a push of a button instead of the old-fashioned time consuming and costly way of going to the book store and buying books on them.

Mr Ahmad Jamaludin Biography

It was through the internet that I got to know about the work of Mr Ahmad Jamaludin, a well-known UFO researcher living in Malaysia. He can be contacted via his Facebook page. A brief biography on him. He lives in a small town of Kuala Trengganu in the east coast state of Trengganu in Malaysia and have spent over 30 years of his life engaging in researching UFO and alien beings and contributing his ideas and knowledge as author by writing articles for UFO journals and magazines worldwide.

The UFO Author and Expert

He is the local expert who has the most comprehensive knowledge on UFOs and alien beings in Malaysia and has written a book titled "60 Years of Neglected Evidences : Analysis of Global Humanoid Encounter Reports (1946 -2006) which was a best-seller worldwide and only can be bought via an e-book version on-line and another book titled "A Summary of Unidentified Flying Objects and Related Events in Malaysia (1950-1980)", which was published by The Centre for UFO Studies in 1981 and a best-seller in Malaysia and out of print now. Besides these 2 books that he wrote many years ago, he was also instrumental in organising the first ever Malaysia UFO conference which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in December 1995.

The Book : "A Summary of Unidentified Flying Objects and Related Events in Malaysia (1950-1980)"

What is interesting in his book "A Summary of Unidentified Flying Objects and Related Events in Malaysia (1950-1980)" is that there are only about 100 encounters in Malaysia in the last 30 years from 1950-1980 but what is strange about the UFOs and alien humanoids that people in Malaysia encountered were micro UFOs less than 3 feet in length and small alien humanoids measuring 3 inches in height wearing mini space suits and carrying mini ray guns in the nearby rice fields and jungles in Malaysia. Coincidences or not, these micro crafts and little beings were seen by children (perhaps they are so small that adults don't notice them!) and when these children tried to catch them, they were zapped with mini ray guns which these small humanoids were carrying with them.


Mr Ahmad Jamaludin has been quiet for a number of years now but I'm sure that when there are mass sightings of UFOs in Malaysia as he has predicted some years ago, he will come back and share his ideas with us !

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  1. I would like to study the possibility of UFOs influence in the case of the MH370 flight.

  2. I have seen them myself here in America and so did a married couple in my same state the same month I first saw them. I hunted and hunted for any information on them and months later found out that couple reported their sighting to MUFON. I never did. It took me awhile to find the stories of the micro-aliens that were seen in Malaysia so it was very fascinating to me. Yes they exist and they are still around. Mine were very, very small and one craft was a cylinder and one was egg-shaped but both were a metallic silver-gray with a Being inside each. I just wanted to share my experience here since there are not many people who would believe how tiny they could be since it is not the norm for what people see.

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    1. Oh, hello, I just now saw this if you meant me the one who has seen the micro-aliens in the comment above yours. I am a middle-aged female. I saw them first in 2010, but have had strange experiences my whole life and thought everything was ghosts, but now I realize it was ET. I didn't start remembering bits and pieces of contact with them until 2010. I actually did get a picture of them in my house while I was taking a picture of something else (I did not see them while I was concentrating on my little cheap flip camera's viewfinder) and I didn't know about it until 2 weeks later when I uploaded my pictures onto my computer to make room for more. I freaked! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! That was the first time I knew for sure what what going on. I thought the picture would vanish or the government would do something to it remotely (all sorts of wild things go through your head) and I drove 5 miles to my friend's house who has also had experiences and showed her so SOMEONE would see it if something happened to it. I made a few copies online, put it on a CD and hid that and sent it to my e-mail so no matter what I would have it if the entire computer hard drive blanked out. It's been a roller-coaster of emotions ever since. I knew ETs existed, and was very interested in them all of a sudden for a couple of years before that and was learning everything I could by reading books and watching lectures. I even started going to a UFO conference that's within driving distance. I STILL thought everything that was happening around the house was ghosts until that day. I have had other experiences since then, but not many that I can remember anything about. These little ones do not have eyes like the typical Gray's everyone reports. They are more like ours but bigger. They do not have any hair and bigger heads like people do say though. I was really happy to finally find some other story on them about the ones in Malaysia that were seen long ago. These didn't have antennas on their heads though.

    2. GA here ..thank you. The reason I asked your age is because in Msia, most cases of micro UFOs and ET were spotted by children ...I don't suppose you have been seeing them since you are a child ?!! ...

    3. Hello GA, I don't remember seeing them as a child, but had so many strange things happen as a kid that I always thought it was spirits/ghostsly activity and was accepting of that. These are very helpful and friendly to me, are interested in my dog and don't like frogs much. I've had weird things happen to my little frog items around here. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe it is just something they do to let me know they are around. They have some sort of way where you can't see them all of the time like an interdimensional thing maybe. I'll catch the small craft out of the corner of my eye sometimes and then it is gone and when I took the picture I sure didn't see the two crafts but have no idea if it was somehow related to the camera and my glass case I was taking a picture of and the way the interior light of that bounced off their crafts and allowed me to get them on film or if they were there in full view and I just wasn't wasn't seeing them because I was looking hard into the viewfinder to get the case in the picture. They take things sometimes and put them back months later too. I'll think of something I want or need and go to someplace that would be the last place to find it and there it will be! I once thought maybe they weren't around anymore and asked if they were to make a noise and nothing happened that night, but the next morning I walked into my living room and my antique clock which hasn't chimed in years and doesn't even have the pendulum on it (which is what would make it chime) because it fell off and I can't figure it out to get it back on started chiming away and has never done it before or since so I took that as their "noise" to let me know. Before I got the picture I had a wine cork on the counter and it kept flying off when I would pick it up and put it back and I really thought the house was haunted as it is old.Things like that in my life always made me think it was ghosts, but it's not. I even woke up with a chunk of hair cut off one morning. I had never heard about any contactee having had that done until I recently watched a lecture by Dr. Jacobs a UFO researcher and he mentioned some of the people he talked to saying the same thing. In fact a lot of what he talked about rang true for me. The people in my state who also saw them the same month and year as me were also adults and they were in bed and woke up to only one craft with a couple of Beings in it instead of two crafts with just one Being in each like I did, but it was almost the same and very small as mine are. I wish I knew all of how they worked and what they do, but I don't. I also saw one once at the foot of my stairs that was about 5 foot tall and that face is not something you ever forget and is really not like like the drawings people do because I don't think anyone could ever get that right it was so startling. It's eyes were also not the big black things and I tried to tell it to get out because I was SO freaked out and then I don't remember anything. It all happened so fast. I don't know if they all work together, change size or what they do, but the little ones have much better faces than that big one. One day I will have that picture shown. I just don't trust anyone because of the government and really don't know what the Beings want me to do with it. I sure don't want to do something they don't want me to. I have only showed a handful of people, mostly people I know. It really changes your whole perception of the world and makes you go through all kinds of feelings. It makes me wonder why the heck I am on this planet and WHY I ended up on such a bad planet and am just a stupid human and they aren't. They have technology so advanced and here we are driving our little gas-guzzlers on the ground. All I know is they exist, are here, are watching, some are being helpful and some aren't. All of this really plays on the emotions and affects every aspect of one's life.

  4. Now an earthquake has happened in Malaysia. There have been reports that concern the correlation between UFO sightings and earthquakes in UFO websites. I got to know Ahmad Jamaludin on In his profile, it is stated that he postulates "UFOs and seismic events are triggered by a common external source". Perhaps they trigger seismic waves. .When you look at all the reports in UFO websites, it's not far-fetched to believe that they can cause earthquakes. They are fascinating to see but whatever their intentions are endanger lives.

  5. The ufos seen in Malaysia in the late 60s and early 1970s were so small that they effectively rule out the extra terrestrial hypothesis - it is ludicrous to assume that a ufo the size of a car tyre could have an engine powerful enough to travel even one light year.