Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Debunking the link between Malaysia Airlines MH370 And UFOS

Of course when something strange and unexplainable happens, all sorts of conspiracy theories will come out from people. The latest is about how the disappearance of MH370 on the morning of March 8th 2014 is somehow linked with the sightings of UFOS in Thailand's Phuket Island during the few days after MH370 mysteriously disappeared.

Even a reader of this blog wrote a comment on this in one of the posts -

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heitor April 26, 2014 at 2:20 PM

I would like to study the possibility of UFOs influence in the case of the MH370 flight. xxxx@mail.tmn.pt

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And according to the Daily Mail of UK, one in ten Americans believe 'space aliens' was involved in the disappearance of MH370. Click here to read this article. Wow! That's is really deep shit.

However, we at UFO Sightings Malaysia Blogspot think there is a more logical explanation rather than blaming UFOS for the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370.

We offer a few reasons for this belief -
  • There are many pilots and passengers who have seen UFOS while flying in a plane and they do not come to any harm. 
  • Since commercial flights are non-threatening and normally stay away from the UFOS flight path. 
  • Since commercial planes do not carry weapons the UFOS will usually ignore them.
  • And the pilot and co-pilot will still have time to report the UFOS encounter to the control tower either before or after it happened.

Until the debris is found and examined, no story is accurate. But for the few reasons we offer above, it is definitely not the doing of some UFOs. 


  1. Hi I've had 3 UFO sightings between mid of 2012 to end of 2013 all in Penang. How can I contact you?

  2. Actually in ufology I only stick to 2 people whom I believe is credible for me to spend my time. They are Richard Dolan and Steven Greer. Some of them are really crap, particularly those who like to talk about time travel.

  3. I can be contacted at gorengaddict @ gmail.com